About Us

Redefining Back Office Support

Ease Back Office was founded to take away the pain of dealing with tedious and time-consuming back office accounting and administrative tasks. We help business owners get back to what they do best – running their business.

Our all-in-one concierge services are backed by the experience and knowledge that our founders bring, which offers Ease the ability to tailor services to each and every client, whether they’re looking for basic back office support or higher level services. 

Each business goes through its own life cycle and has its own set of demands. We’ve worked with businesses in all stages, from start-ups to established businesses. Ease offers solutions tailored to every stage of business: we meet you where you are, and we help you achieve your goals.

Clear Core Values

Credibility, integrity, quality and transparency are the cornerstones of Ease Back Office. It’s these core values that we deliver when working with each client to foster healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Helping our Clients Succeed

Based in Southern California, Ease Back Office works with businesses on a national level. 

Many businesses need to outsource a number of tasks, from bookkeeping to payroll to tax filings and more and utilize a number of companies to achieve this. This method is often inefficient, costly, and can hinder the growth of a business. 

With Ease, business owners have one dedicated point of contact for all their needs. We provide our clients with a customized experience, and deliver the specific help they need for them to thrive. 

We have an open door policy for our clients to come to us with anything related to their business, whether that’s looking for support and feedback, or a referral to the right person to further handle their needs outside the scope of work we provide.

Get in Touch with Ease

Accounting and back office support for every business has its unique set of challenges.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. 

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