Outsourced Tax Preparation

Taxes are an ever-present part of being a business owner. Income tax, sales tax, franchise tax, employee tax withholdings: it never ends. Relieve the workload with outsourced tax preparation.

outsourced tax preparation

Ease the Burden of Tax Preparation

There’s so much to get right when you prepare your business taxes.

It doesn’t get any easier when the government is always changing the rules. Tax structures change. Stimulus money comes and goes. New regulations are issued. 

If your business is expanding, you might have to know not only California sales tax laws, but those of other states as well. It’s a full-time job to keep up with it all – and the penalties for getting it wrong can be severe.

Our outsourced tax preparation services take care of all that for you and put you at Ease.

Our Outsourced Tax Preparation Services

Outsourced tax preparation is included as part of some of our monthly packages.

  • Federal 1120 and 1120S tax preparation
  • Form K-1 (1065) for partnership taxes
  • Employee tax withholdings and remittance (with our payroll services)
  • California sales tax
  • California franchise tax
  • California alternative minimum tax (AMT)

Inquire about Tax Outsourcing Services

Avoid calculation and tax filing errors by outsourcing your tax preparation.

Let us put you at Ease.

outsourced tax preparation services

Tax Preparation Outsourcing - Leave it to the Experts

Searching through tax records and looking for mistakes is a great way to keep yourself up late at night, but it’s no way to run a business.

With Ease Support, you get expert, virtual tax preparation.

California has one of the most complex tax structures for small businesses in the country, and having a virtual tax professional on your team helps you sleep at night knowing your business is taken care of.

We guarantee accurate, timely tax preparation for every filing, every time.

Outsourced tax preparation will put your mind at Ease.


Answers to some of the common questions about outsourced tax preparation.

Still got a pressing question? Get in touch and let us help.

The tax returns you need to prepare depends on the structure of your business.

  • For a C corporation, you need to prepare IRS Form 1120.
  • S corporations file Form 1120S.
  • Single-member LLC’s, partnerships, and sole proprietors prepare a Form 1040.
  • We also prepare the appropriate State of California returns. Depending on your business structure or income level, this may include returns for income tax, franchise tax, or alternative minimum tax.

We can assist with personal tax preparation if you have business income that flows into your personal tax return and you are a business client of ours.

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