Newport Beach Sales Tax Explained

newport beach sales tax

In this guide we’ll go over all you need to know about Newport Beach sales tax, including rates, exemptions, payment methods, and the  role of bookkeepers in helping you stay on top of tax and compliance.

What we cover

What is sales tax?

Sales tax is an income tax charged by state and local governments on the sale of goods and certain types of services. At the moment of sale, businesses collect this payment, which is usually determined as a percentage of the purchase price. Newport Beach sales tax income is used tax income is used to finance community development projects and public services.

1. Sales tax rate in Newport Beach

Tax Jurisdiction Sales Tax Rate
State Tax 6.25%
County Tax 1.00%
Special Tax 0.50%
Combined Rate 7.75%

The total of the state and local tax rates charged by the city and county, make up the 7.75% Newport Beach sales tax rate. However, it’s important to note that additional local sales taxes may be imposed by counties, cities, and other local jurisdictions, which can increase the overall rate.

In some areas, the combined sales tax rate in California can be as high as 10.25% due to these local additions. The specific rate applicable to a particular transaction would depend on the location where the sale takes place. 

Feel free to use this tax calculator to help you understand how sales tax in California works and how much to charge.

See below the sales tax rates in Newport Beach broken down by zip codes and districts:


Zip Codes

Tax Rate

Orange County

92603, 92612, 92617, 92625, 92626, 92627, 92651, 92657, 92660, 92661, 92662, 92663, 92697, 927077.75%


2. Comparing Newport Beach sales tax rates

When compared to other regions in California,the Newport Beach sales tax rate remains competitive. While rates may fluctuate slightly between neighboring cities and counties, Newport Beach’s rate is generally in line with the statewide average. This consistency provides a stable operating environment for businesses while maintaining sufficient funding for local government services.

To give you a quick overview of Newport Beach Sales Tax Rates in comparison to other cities in California:

Newport Beach






Lake Forest


Note: Rates may vary slightly based on specific district taxes.

3. Businesses required to collect sales tax

Most businesses in Newport Beach are required to submit tax on tax-deductible sales. Retail shops, restaurants, service providers, and internet merchants operating inside city limits are all included in this. These will be paid to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. The department oversees the collection and administration of sales and use taxes statewide.

4. Sales tax exemptions

To prevent overcharging customers or running into legal issues, it is important that you understand Newport Beach sales tax exemptions. Prescription drug exemptions, sales of specific foods, and purchases made with the intention of reselling are examples of common exemptions. These may differ based on the specifics of the transaction as well as any relevant local and state legislation. Bookkeeping services can help you stay compliant by guaranteeing accurate data, keeping structured financial records, and facilitating easy sales tax filing.

newport beach sales tax

5. How do businesses in Newport Beach pay sales tax?

Businesses in Newport Beach generally submit sales tax payments electronically through the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s online portal. This simplified procedure guarantees proper record-keeping for businesses and tax authorities, enabling timely submission.

6. When do businesses in Newport Beach pay sales tax?

How often sales tax payments need to be submitted vary depending on factors such as sales volume and business classification. Newport Beach businesses might have to file monthly or yearly returns, while others might have to remit sales tax on a quarterly basis. With our back office support we can help you never miss a deadline.

7. How a bookkeeper helps your Newport business with sales tax

Making use of bookkeeping services in California will reduce the stress of sales tax management for your business. An experienced bookkeeper in Newport Beach, like Ease Support, can help with:


  • Accurately calculating sales tax amounts
  • Keeping detailed financial documentation
  • Timely submission of sales tax returns
  • Finding possible exemptions or deductions
  • Maintaining compliance with state and local tax laws


Keeping up with sales tax laws is essential to operating a compliant business in Newport Beach. By understanding  sales tax rates, exemptions, payment protocols, and the key role of a bookkeeper, you can guarantee compliance to state and local tax regulations while strategically positioning your business for continued success. Contact us today if you need assistance with Newport Beach sales tax.

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